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PtWest1 is offering parking spots for lease this summer in the North Lot (continuation of Bay Rd).  Each parking spot can be rented for $1000.00.  This offer is open to all Macatawa Park residents.   If interested, please contact Chuck Hoyt:  or call (616) 340.5702.

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Long-time Macatawa resident, Alexander Lewis Schmid (Alex), passed away on January 14, 2015.  His wife, Tina, has provided a wonderful memory of his life which has been posted to the members only section of our website.  To read the in memoriam, please login to the website with your user name and password, and go to … Continue reading In Memoriam: Alexander Lewis Schmid

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Last week there was what we all hope was a lovely pre-spring Macatawa sunset to get us all back in the mood for summer at Mac!  

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