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Please remember:  give out your personal PIN code only to family members.  The contractors’ PIN code, which changes every year, should be given to workers and guests/renters.  This is for security.  The codes were changed a few years ago, and we don’t want to have to do that again real soon—please do your part! The … Continue reading Gate Codes and the Gatehouse

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Long-time Macatawa resident, Alexander Lewis Schmid (Alex), passed away on January 14, 2015.  His wife, Tina, has provided a wonderful memory of his life which has been posted to the members only section of our website.  To read the in memoriam, please login to the website with your user name and password, and go to … Continue reading In Memoriam: Alexander Lewis Schmid

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This was a stunning sight in September 2015..  A beautiful rainbow to usher in fall at Macatawa.  Looks a bit like a pot of “gold” on the beach I think.  Thank you to John Daniel Arendshorst (JD) for this great photo.

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