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Please remember:  give out your personal PIN code only to family members.  The contractors’ PIN code, which changes every year, should be given to workers and guests/renters.  This is for security.  The codes were changed a few years ago, and we don’t want to have to do that again real soon—please do your part! The … Continue reading Gate Codes and the Gatehouse

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On the recommendation of Dan Baldwin:  the new book “Jenison Electric Park” by Lois Jesiek Kayes is now out.  (Reader’s World carries it.)  Many of you know that the Jesiek brothers owned the largest marina on the lake at one time.  As the book’s foreword states, this book is the story of “two ambitious brothers … Continue reading Jenison Electric Park

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On the left side of this newsletter, you will notice a link to the Macatawa Tennis Club–which will be viable soon.  This tennis club is a beautiful exercise option for all Macatawa Park and local Holland residents.  For generations, players of every ability and age have enjoyed the services of two pros for lessons and … Continue reading Macatawa Tennis Club

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