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To all Macatawa Park residents:  The green parking stickers are being phased out.  Two new types of stickers are being issued:  1.  The RED “resident parking” sticker is for cottage owners who park in the Upper Lot (also known as Central Beach lot).  If you are a resident who parks in a labeled space(s) in … Continue reading 2015 Red and Blue Sticker Policy

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The Annual Cottagers’ Meeting, July 11, was chock-full of information.  More excerpts: 1.  The swim buoys are there for the safety of swimmers, to keep out water craft under power. Tell your family & renters:  stay off buoys, do not hang on them or attach kayaks. The buoys are tethered to an anchor by an … Continue reading Highlights Are Us

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Additional information from the Annual Meeting: 1.  Lost and Found:  at gatehouse.  Please bring lost or found items; these can be posted on blog.  Current item missing:  very heavy brown pen borrowed at meeting…fits in notebook…Thank you!  All missing dogs & cellphones from last week have been returned to owners:) 2.  Gatehouse staff will collect … Continue reading More Meeting Highlights

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