Month: September 2018

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Our Republic Trash Services liaison, Lisa Briskorn, has requested that all “Hill” residents wishing off-season (winter) curbside trash collection services to call Republic and let them know.  We realize that this is last-minute  (our agreement was just finalized a day ago), but summer service ended this week and winter service starts Monday October 1.  In … Continue reading Attention: all South and North Hill Residents

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Thanks to your hard-working trustees, the off-season trash situation has been resolved with Republic.  We are sorry that it took so long….again, the transition from Chef to Republic has occasionally been less than smooth….but the good and calm and relentless trustees of Macatawa have prevailed.  Our previous waste contract has been honored and the post-summer … Continue reading At Last: Trash Update!

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Always sad to say goodbye to another summer season…. But as you pack up and say your farewells to your neighbors, remember to put away all the toys on the beach.  Tell your renters also:   do NOT leave kayaks & other personal property on the beach through the fall and over the winter.  Snow fences … Continue reading And before you leave Macatawa…..

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