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Trash and Gatehouse News, May 2017

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Now that May has arrived, Chef will collect waste from individual cottages every Monday.   The dumpster in the Upper Lot (available during the off-season only for residents of Central/North Beach who pay for it) will be removed.  All four sections of Macatawa will be served every Monday throughout May.  Anything over the 2 containers allowed needs a yellow tag, available from Chef for $3.50, just like last year.  Remember:  everything must be in trash bags; no loose trash or individual items will be taken.

Chef is not collecting yard waste this year; our dues only cover trash collection.  Residents should contact their own landscaper or other service if necessary.  Biodegradable yard waste may not be mixed with ordinary household trash. This is a law; this is not anyone’s personal choice.

After Memorial Day, trash will be collected twice a week.  [Note: the week immediately following Memorial Weekend:  Tuesday & Friday collection.]  Otherwise, waste will be collected every Monday and Thursday all summer, as usual.

The Gatehouse will be open during the weekends in May, beginning May 5.  You may request yellow trash tags from staff.  Keith Koeman is our gatehouse manager, and some of his staff  from last summer are returning.  So welcome back to everyone!

Remember:  the contractors gate code changes that Tuesday after Memorial Weekend, also.  This is the PIN code that you give to your plumbers, visitors, and others–KEEP your personal PIN code private, for ongoing security.  You may purchase gate remote openers at the gatehouse, also.

Chef Container questions:  call Lisa Briskorn 616.886.2123 (cell)  or  616.795.4715

Gatehouse:  616. 335.3783

Nicki Arendshorst:  616.283.2883