Month: May 2014

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To all Hill residents:  Prein & Newhof will conduct 8 soil borings next week for the water main project in the hills.  This work is to identify the existing concrete road thickness, and to provide information for the water main and booster station foundation design.  Markings for the borings will be identified with pink paint. … Continue reading Boring Work in the Hills

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As we head towards Memorial Weekend…here are some updates for returning residents. 1.  Gatehouse management remains the same, so please welcome our staff back–as they welcome you.  You will notice a Macatawa golf cart that staff can use when needed for additional duties. 2.  Chef Container remains our waste vendor; information is on our website. … Continue reading Welcome back to Macatawa

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Minutes from meeting with Laketown Township, MPCA trustees, and engineering firm, May 1, 2014:  Easements, Ownership, and Agreements Sewer easements exist, but either do not cover the entire scope of this project or they lack definition.  The township and Holland BPW will need a “blanket easement” to cover the water project under the Association roads. … Continue reading Macatawa Water Main Update

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