Month: February 2014

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Sharon Wheatley braved the snowbanks to capture this beautiful winter sunset at Macatawa. 

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The Walkottens braved the roads of North Hill a day or so ago and took a video of their drive through the roads.  The link below is to the you-tube video they recorded. Enjoy!  Thank you to the Walkottens for doing this.  (If you want to really hear the peace of winter in Macatawa, you … Continue reading Winter in North Hill

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Remember last June, when your favorite PIN code was changed?  For better security?  So “everyone in Holland” couldn’t get past the gates?  And you had to learn a new 4-digit number…  To avoid that PIN code change again:  please remember to give your cleaning crews, contracting/building crews, and real estate people the General Purpose Number … Continue reading Reminder: Security and PINs

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