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Now that May has arrived, Chef will collect waste from individual cottages every Monday.   The dumpster in the Upper Lot (available during the off-season only for residents of Central/North Beach who pay for it) will be removed.  All four sections of Macatawa will be served every Monday throughout May.  Anything over the 2 containers … Continue reading Trash and Gatehouse News, May 2017

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As residents of Macatawa Park know, Chef Container is our refuse vendor.  For the last four years, Matt Biolette has been our contact person.  Matt is transitioning to a different job focusing on municipality relationships in the northern part of the lower peninsula, and will no longer be our go-to man.  From now on, we … Continue reading Changes at Chef Container

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Somehow it is September….and the Labor Day weekend is around the corner.  For the main gatehouse, this means that all staff will be leaving soon– all depart this week to continue their college educations and beyond.   Please take a moment to say goodbye & good luck to these fine people, with a few words … Continue reading Winding Down….

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