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Always sad to say goodbye to another summer season…. But as you pack up and say your farewells to your neighbors, remember to put away all the toys on the beach.  Tell your renters also:   do NOT leave kayaks & other personal property on the beach through the fall and over the winter.  Snow fences … Continue reading And before you leave Macatawa…..

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What, another summer on the way out??  Say it ain’t so, Joe. For residents of Macatawa, it means a change at the gatehouse and a it means a change in trash collection. 1. After Labor Day Monday, September 3, the gatehouse will no longer be staffed.  Everyone in a vehicle will use their own remote … Continue reading Labor Day Blues

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Macatawa Days are over (and what days they were!) and Macatawa is already getting quieter.  Please take the time to thank our gatehouse staff for their time during the summer.  The young men and women who work there help to keep our beach clean, they deliver packages, they maintain parking order and filter visitors to … Continue reading Winding Down…

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