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In anticipation of the 2109 Annual Cottagers’ Meeting on Saturday July 6: Nominating Committee Members for board of trustees:   Joel Krissoff, Chair   Steve Grunst, North Hill   Mary Arnold, South Hill   Patty Bennett, Central Beach   Nicki Arendshorst, North Beach   At this point, nominees are as follows: 1. South Hill to … Continue reading 2019 Nominating Committee

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Welcome back to Macatawa, where the breezes are mild (soon!) and the sun always shines (soon!) and the beach goes on forever (one of these years!). Some items to remember and learn as you dream of the summer ahead:  Contractors’ code to enter gates changes 8am Tuesday May 28, the day after Memorial Day.  This … Continue reading New Season Odds ‘n’ Ends

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Happy Spring!  The ice has melted, the birds are singing, hammers are still hammering, and…it’s time for the Republic trucks to begin collecting from the entire Park soon. Tuesday May 7:  trucks will begin collecting from all cottages.  Mark your calendars!  This means household trash/recyclables only, of course. Everyone:  put barrels out so the drivers … Continue reading Reminder: Spring Trash changes

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